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What is Self-Installation?
Telecommuter self-install is a new installation process that dramatically improves the DSL installation experience. It will provide:

Simplified installation - easy to follow, illustrated instructions designed for Telecommuter DSL users.

More Flexibility - no technician means no unnecessary waiting, no more scheduling time off of work.

Toll-free installation support - one number to call for installation assistance with Covad’s toll-free, dedicated Installation Support Center (ISC).

Comprehensive kit - DSL Jumpstart Install Kit™ includes an Ethernet DSL modem (bridge), line filters, and all required cables.

Flat pricing - $275 (for a one-year term) includes DSL Jumpstart Install Kit™, direct shipping, toll-free installation support and returns processing (where necessary). This is a $102 savings compared to the previous pricing.

What if I do not want to install my own DSL service?
You can still choose to have a professional come and install the service in your home. For a professional install, you recieve the self-install kit and a Covad technician will visit the site to preform the installation. This will cost an additional $179, bringing the total installation amount to $454. The professional installation now has the following features:

Software installation - software included in the kit will be installed by a Covad technician.

Ethernet Installation - users with qualified USB-capable PC’s running Windows 98 or higher can have Ethernet installed by a Covad technician (to be purchased by user).

Service verification from your PC - technician will verify your machine is up and running.

What are the prices for the Self-Insallation and Professional Insallation?
Self installation kits: $275
Professional insallation (kit + technician visit): $454

Can I order Self-Install with Corporate DSL or Small Office DSL services?
No, Self-Install is only available for Telecommuter services.

What is included in the DSL Jumpstart Install Kit™?

Ethernet DSL modem (bridge)

5 DSL blockers (4 in-line DSL Blockers and 1 wall-mount)

All required cables (6ft. RJ-45 Ethernet cable and 6 ft RJ-11 phone card)

Trouble shooting guide

Step-by-step, illustrated quickstart guide created for non-technical users

When will I receive my DSL Jumpstart Install Kit™?
The kit will be shipped within 24 hours after your order has been confirmed, via 3 day ground transportation.

What do I do if I have a problem with the kit (damaged, defective or incomplete)?
You can call Covad’s Installation Support Center (ISC), which is available between 7 am PST and 11 pm PST (7 days a week), at 877-742-6823.

Who do I call for assistance installing the modem and DSL blockers?
You can call Covad’s Installation Support Center (ISC), which is available between 7 am PST and 11 pm PST (7 days a week), at 877-742-6823.

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