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What is Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Technology?
Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology achieves high-speed data communication over the most universal network media in the world: ordinary twisted or untwisted phone wire. But that’s just the beginning.

DSL allows access to the Internet at speeds of up to 50 times faster than 28.8Kbps modems. DSL can be used by a single user or support an entire local area network (LAN) through one connection. It is ideal for applications requiring high-bandwidth connections such as heavy Internet access usage, sending and receiving of e-mail attachments, downloading of large files, remote LAN access, Web hosting, and audio and video streaming.

At the customer premises, a DSL modem connects the phone line to either a stand-alone computer or a LAN. Once installed, the DSL modem provides the customer site with continuous connection-Web-tone-to the Internet. DSL connectivity is easy to maintain. Unlike ISDN devices, DSL modems do not require any complex manual configuration-they are truly plug and play.

Why is more Internet access speed important?
Even the most basic Web sites now consist of photos, banners, interactive segments, video clips and more, which require the downloading of massive amounts of data for the page to appear on the local computer.

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