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Ionix strives to ensure that its clients traverse the best, fastest, most secure and reliable network available today.

As connectivity options increase, and greater amounts of bandwidth become available to many consumers and businesses, other Internet Service Providers will be scrambling to keep up with the increased load on their already over-burdened networks. In contrast, Ionix has the ability to provide our clients with all the bandwidth they need -- and all they expect -- no matter how quickly our subscriber base grows. Internet traffic spikes are never a problem, and you’ll never encounter a bottleneck on the Ionix network.

Ionix gateways and data centers are located directly on a brand new IP-based fiber Internet backbone, where we have virtually unlimited capacity, and the benefit of interconnection agreements with major backbone providers such as AT&T, MCI Worldcom, Sprint, Williams and others. Additionally, we have unprecedented levels of redundancy at OC-192 speeds. The gateways themselves are in state-of-the-art carrier-class facilities with ultra clean power and generator backup in the event of power loss, among other features.

Please feel free to contact us at 1.888.88.IONIX or if you need more information on our network.

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